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Walk around in Tokyo 002 - from Takada-no-baba to Akihabara in 2016/04/29 -

I wrote this for learn of English.
The day. I start to walking from Takada-no-baba.
My plan is going through inside of Yamanote line to Akihabara.


I goto east on Waseda Street .

In front of Takadano-baba Station,I touch the shutter of my iPhone. This is Buillding named BIG BOX.


When I look this. remeber old one japanse manga.
This Building had become ruins in the manga.
I think that the comics name is "魔界都市ハンター (makai-toshi-hunter)".



This is Waseda-Shoutiku-Movie-Theater(早稲田松竹). 

It is a movie theater that is a long time.
Therefore history and anecdotes have been left behind.
The extent to which rests on the Wikipedia of Japan.


This is Nishi-waseda intersection(西早稲田交差点)."nishi" mean west.
Between from the station to here,  20 years ago,  many many antiquarian bookshop was.
So too much
Even if I gone back and forth,You cannot entered shops to all.
Currently, Antiquarian bookshop is not very many.


Ana-Hachiman-gu (穴八幡宮)This is Shrine.


West end of Kagura-saka(神楽坂). 'Saka' mean Slop.This side is not bustling. Upscale eateries will be dotted.


This is KADKAWA third Head Office Building.
KADOKAWA is a mogul of OTAKU industry.
KADOKAWA is a Major publishing company.


This is TORII(鳥居) of Yasukuni-jinzya(靖国神社).
In the case of "Prime Minister came to this shrine".
It will be a problem.and will be in the news.
Please search your-self historical background. 
I do not talk in detail.
With forget the personal political beliefs.
TORII(鳥居) of this shrine is so big. worth seeing. 
And I don't dislike this shrine.


The last is  Akihabara.
Please look at the map of top.
Between from Yasukuni-Jinzya to Akihabara, i didn't take photograph.
But there is some distance.